• Arlene Dickinson was born in South Africa and moved to Canada with her parents as a child.
  • Arlene is currently the owner of Venture Communications, one of the top marketing companies in Canada.
  • She is a mom of 4 children.
  • Arlene Dickinson’s estimated net worth is $80 million.
  • Arlene has been awarded a spot on Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful  Women Hall of Fame, and has also ranked in the top 100 Business owners in both Profit and Chatelaine magazines. She was recently recognized as Global Television’s Woman of Vision.
  • Arlene was 41 years old when she could first be described as being wealthy.
  • Arlene once worked as a debt collector, which was somewhat ironic, given the fact that she was struggling to pay her debts at that time.
  • While she may have a knack for marketing, she certainly doesn’t have that same skill when it comes to math. According to Arlene, she failed math class in school four times.
  • Arlene is a fan of president Barack Obama and congratulated the USA when he won his second term.